Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Corwalls best kept secret

The sun has been shinning again today and I decided I wanted to go for a walk and soak up some much needed vitamin d.  In one of the information leaflets we have in the lodge there is a small  picture of some seals and a snippet of information saying that they can be seen in Mutton Cove, Godrevy.  We loaded the information into the sat nav but no information came up, when I tried the map on my phone it said that it was near Hayle so we drove off in that direction.  Godrevy was such a small place we drove through and pass it, turned around and then we saw a national trust sign so we decided that we would walk around the park and see where it took us.   Inside we were pleased to see a small rocky beach area with a light house and decided that we didn't have a totally wasted journey.  Whilst walking around we found a sign saying that you were only to speak in whispers - we were really intrigued at this point.  When we looked over the edge this is the sight...........

Wow wow wow what a sight they all laid something you would see in a wildlife programme.....what a privilege.  A few were going in and out of the sea, I could have watched them all day.  I really wasn't expecting it to be such a sight and there were no signs to advertise it anywhere.  It was fantastic.  No card today sorry, really wanted to share this special moment though.
Hope you are enjoying your day